HSVRL Representatives! What Why and How!



There are huge numbers of people that haven’t tried VR and we have seen how VResport helps those that have never put on a headset or tried some old mobile cardboard version years ago and saw only a toy.

To the rest of us we know what 6 DOF VR can do and how it engages anyone who tries it. It is fairly evident from the way VR is selling out and the new groups that are showing up in multiplayer environments all over cyberspace.

That’s why we are implementing the Representative system to help build that community and give you support for every aspect of your team as well as beginning that journey to turn VResports into a varsity sport everywhere in the world.

When you sign up as an HSVRL team, even when we are working with partners, you are helping to grow that high school community and legitimizing it to faculty, parents, and other students.

In this link for the VResports Team Building Action Plan, you’ll find how Representatives or Reps work in the league.


HSVRL Representative Application Form

To download and access links inside the PDF use the button below.



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