Echo Arena Valentine’s Cup! New Tournament Features and Prizes!

Echo Arena Valentine’s Cup! New Tournament Features and Prizes!

HSVRL has partnered with the Echo VR Party League to bring new features to an already exciting VResport and a prize pool of $500 for the top teams.

The Valentine’s cup will be implementing the Representative system for team-based competitions. The Rep system is built to encourage school-based teams while still allowing others that are home school or with a virtual school group to compete. All HSVRL teams will need to find a Representative for their team before registering for competitions. The Rep is there to help bring support for the teams that are establishing themselves at a school as well as those that will have a blended membership on their teams. More information can be found on the VResports Team Building Action Plan document.

EVRPL has also been working on a handicap system that will be implemented in this new tournament. The handicap system is in place to expand the number of players that can compete in a cup. This new system has been tested and this will be its first turn on a full cup. This handicap system will lend itself to a number of new play styles and we’re excited to see how teams alter their strategies.

These new systems are designed to engage more players no matter their skill level and provide a structure that will enable the push into more schools as we work to bring VR into secondary education. When you enter this competition as an HSVRL team you are planting the VR flag at that campus and helping to bring VR into your classroom no matter where it is.

For info on the tournament check out the Valentine’s Cup Echo Arena 2021 Game Companion.

The VResports Team Building Action Plan can be found here which outlines the role of the Representative for a team and how seasons will progress with the new system.

The form to sign up Representatives can be found here as well.

Slide VResports News Parents & Educators About Docs
VResports News Parents & Educators About Docs
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