Echo Arena Summer 2021 Zone War Companion

The guide and rule companion for the Echo Arena Zone War tournament.

Echo Arena Zone War Summer Tournament Logistics:

  • ​The HSVRL team competition is a 4v4 team tournament.
  • The team size consists of 4 players.
  • Each team will represent their team from a time zone or their home campus.
  • Closed comms are optional.

Tournament Format:

The HSVRL Echo Arena tournament for the summer season will be broken up into 2 stages.

Stages 1-3 will consist of a round-robin tournament where each team will have an opportunity to play many other teams. Match winners will be determined by the best of three games. 

  • Stage 1:  July 12th thru August 22nd
  • Stage 2:  Lightning Finals August 29th all finals handled between 2  to 5 pm Central

Teams will provide the added score from all games played for the final match score of each team. 

Teams are allowed to play one 4v3 match per stage in the event of an absent player and no team sub available. After that one concession per stage, teams without a complete team at the start of the match will forfeit.  If the 4v3 concession is used by a team, the concession has to be recorded in the Match Data Report notes.


  1. Teams will be assembled from their time zones but may have some floating zone players, but must still adhere to a ping cap of 200.
  2. VRML players may participate in the Echo Arena Zone War but will probably be on a different team from their previously made teams because of the difference of time zone and want to spread the talent around the teams in that zone.
  3. Teams may consist of 4 players.
  4. Teammates can bring in a sub for an expected absence by a team member with advanced notice to an admin or Echo Arena Zone War Producer on the discord.


  1. Players are not allowed to play under more than one account. (If an account is banned, you may not play under a different account.)
  2. Players and teams must play using their registered names in the HSVRL server. Do not hide your identity under an alias.
  3. All player names, player logos, team names, and team logos must comply with our “school-appropriate” rule. 
  4. Players acknowledge and agree to follow Terms of Use for their headset. For example Oculus Terms of Use.
  5. Players acknowledge and agree to follow Discord Terms of Use.
  6. Players acknowledge and agree to follow rules set forth in HSVRL Participation Agreement.

Pre-Match Requirements:

All teams are expected to set up their match date and time with the opposing team using only Challonge teams will make arrangements with enough time to play and provide the Match Data Report before 11:59 pm CDT/CST on Sunday of the match week. 


We would like to utilize our casters in the league to put our matches out for more to see.  We will have our casters provide availability and we would like teams to try and get into as many of those casting slots when playing during the tournament. 

(link for signups with casters. Forthcoming)

The first game host (the team that will create the first private lobby) is determined by which team is listed on the left side or top of the Challonge match information. We make the distinction between top or left based on desktop and mobile versions of the application.

All teams need to be locked into the private match at least 10 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled match.

If a team fails to meet the above requirement, the opposing team will need to wait 10 more minutes into match time before declaring a forfeit.

Matches are to be played 4v4.

4v3 may only be played if an HSVR League substitute could not be found in time to play the match.

3v3 is only allowed if both teams need a substitute, but one or both can’t find a substitute. In this case, 3v3 is mandatory. Both teams must attempt to find a substitute.

In all cases, a team must have at least three players participating in the match at all times or the match will be an automatic forfeit for both teams.


During-Match Instructions:

Matches consist of at least two 10-minute games, a running clock, and optional 3-minute halftime scheduled between them.

At the end of the first game, the host duty will switch to the other team.

If a third game is needed the initial host will host the game again.

Teams are allowed to call one 2 minute timeout per game after a goal is scored. A timeout is called by hitting the restart request button in the starting room. The score and time must be set back to reflect status prior to time out.

Teams are responsible for all of their own technical issues. This includes, but is not limited to, hardware, software, and internet problems. 

In case of technical issues:

Players can press the restart button after the next goal for a “tech timeout.” If the restart button is pressed after the launch timer has reached 0 and the players have launched, play will continue until the next conceded goal or until 45 seconds have elapsed (whichever comes first).

A restart can only be requested once per team, per match. In case of further issues, the players must decide to either continue the round with the players they have left or forfeit the game.

The game continues if the issues aren’t resolved within 5 minutes.

The game will resume following these steps:

  1. Set the time to what the timer shows after the last goal or when the 45 seconds passed.
  2. Set the disc position to the team that was last scored on or the team that had possession after 45 seconds passed.
  3. Start the round and continue normally.

In case of a disconnect, the game continues as normal until a point is scored. If a team member has still not connected after a goal, the game is stopped momentarily to allow for a substitution or to use a timeout to allow a player to regain access to the match.

If a player is found to be in violation of the general Ping Cap of 200, that player must leave the game and their team must search for a substitute. This counts as that team’s “tech timeout”, but the length of the timeout may be extended up to 15 minutes.

If a team acquires a lead of 20 points, mercy is implemented and the match will end.


Post-Match Instructions:

The team that wins the match is required to put the Match Data Report into Challonge as soon as the match is over. Please provide notes about any issues during the games or interesting plays that may have occurred. Also, post a link to any video captures the teams may have created during the games. Casters will post their own HSVRL twitch link during the game as well as the saved game link to watch later.

​Celebrate and congratulate your opponent in a sporting way. Get ready for the next match!