Valentine’s Cup Echo Arena Companion 2021

Valentine’s Cup Echo Arena Companion 2021

Echo Arena Valentine’s Cup!


We are partnered with the Echo VR Party League to bring in more teams, talent, and prizes!

The High School VR League will also be implementing a structure that will help establish school teams. Each registering HSVRL team will be helping to build that school network as we begin our “Rep” program. Linked here is more information about the Rep program.

 This will be the first Echo VR tournament ever to feature handicaps. 

Rules, format, information and answers follow: 

A team Playing in this cup for the High School VR League will need to establish a Rep or Representative before signing up. If you have not already read the documentation about the Rep program, please check it out here. 

Only verified HSVRL Representatives may register a team.

To sign up as an HSVRL Representative please make sure you have read the HSVRL VResports Team Building Action Plan.

Once a prospective Rep understands the requirements of the position they can sign up using the form linked here

After the Rep has been verified, the Representative will be registered on the VRPL discord as a captain to register a team for the 2021 Valentine’s Cup. 

The Representative will need to have access to discord for competition information from VRPL and HSVRL. Links and roles will be preset for the Rep when they arrive to be able to access Rep only areas for registration and discussion.

FORMAT: The VALENTINES’ CUP format will be 6 Division, Round-Robin with the top two teams from each Division progressing to the Championship Bracket. 

Prize pool of $500 for the top teams!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Handicapped” game?

VRPL’s sophisticated LevelField(tm) handicapping algorithm grants a certain amount of points each round to less experienced teams up-front. LevelField(tm) makes gameplay more challenging and fun for more experienced teams. Less experienced teams get the chance to play and learn from the best, and perhaps even win the match! If both teams are giving their best work, though, generally the Stronger team will still prevail. Each week matches are generated, and the handicap will be reflected as (##). For instance, Team A vs. Team B (8), with team B starting each round with an 8 point lead. To account for larger disparities, the Mercy rule will increase to 30 points per round and no team will be within 6 points of a Mercy regardless of handicap. The winner is determined as the best 2 of 3 rounds. 

Why Use a Handicap? VRPL conducted a beta-test incorporating our new handicap computations into games. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive from new and veteran teams alike. In general, the games were more competitive and more enjoyable for everyone. VRPL has been working with professional mathematicians and has been continually optimizing LevelField to the point we think it is ready for you to try it out!

How Do I Get My Team’s Handicap? Once signed up, your team will be asked for a few player statistics. Those go into the algorithm our mathematicians have been building, and your handicap will pop out the other side. Your handicap (the number of points your team gets upfront), will be adjusted if required throughout the tournament. What if My Team Doesn’t Want a Handicap, or doesn’t supply the statistics you need? In either case, we’ll assume your team is “Master” level and your handicap will be ZERO. We truly encourage everyone to try out the handicapping system even having one or two points in hand is better than 0. 

-What if Teams Gives you Bad Data to “Game” the Algorithm? There is not a practical way to “game” or “cheat” the Handicapping system without getting caught. LevelField automatically analyzes every match post-game to continually “tune-in” and improve the system’s accuracy and reproducibility. Outliers are amplified during this process, virtually guaranteeing that cheats will be spotted immediately. HSVRL Admin, Team Representatives and Party League admins will attend many of the matches. If any team is found to be entering false data into the LevelField engine, the team forfeits the entire tournament and may be removed from the league.


RULES Valentine’s Cup


HSVRL & the Party League want to make sure everybody can play, so we give teams flexibility. Therefore, Valentine’s Cup teams have a minimum roster of 4 players and a maximum of 6 (4 starters and 2 subs). In the Party League, you are allowed to register as a “starter” for one team and a “sub” for ONE other team. To sign up as a team captain, check out #vrpl-team-verification and tell us your Discord name, your (HSVRL) team name, and your team roster. Deadline is February 10th. Abuse of this policy will result in removal from the competition. 


VRPL BRACKET RULES: We follow standard VRML rules ( ) with a few variations: Spectators and streamers are allowed in “Spectator Mode” if both teams agree beforehand. Region: NA – This tournament is for the North American region only! Ping Limit: 4×4 pings must be <160. If a player exceeds that, they should step out and bring in a Sub. Alternatively, if the other team agrees, you can play the match as a 3v3. Playspace: 4×4 area where at least one foot must remain inside at all times. Every PARTY LEAGUE & HSVRL tournament is a safe environment for teamwork, skill-building without fear of being shamed, and fun for all skill levels. Be respectful and show good sportsmanship, but do not forget to have a few laughs and make new friends while flying in zero-gravity! As always, check out the #questions channel for specific questions.


Echo Arena – VR Master League – Rules

This web page details the rules to be applied when playing in the Echo Arena league.

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