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High School VR League
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Rec Room Maker PVP Meetup! This Wednesday! February 2, 2021 READ MORE Hyperdash First Crucible Meetup Sunday 5pm Central January 29, 2021 READ MORE HSVRL Representatives! What Why and How! January 25, 2021 READ MORE Echo Arena Valentine's Cup! New Tournament Features and Prizes! January 25, 2021 READ MORE

Echo Arena 4v4 Valentine's Cup We've partnered with the Virtual Party League to make our first official Echo Arena Cup one that you'll not just want to compete in but also WIN!!
All teams playing for HSVRL will be participating in our new Sponsor and Coach system to help manage the teams and establish school teams.
Sign ups begin January 25th.
The Valentine's Cup begins Sunday February 14th.
There is a $500 prize pool for the top teams. More info is available in the companion.
Valentine's Cup Echo Arena 2021 Companion Play on Oculus Rift/S & Quest

Free to play
Beat Saber Solo We'll be starting our Beat Saber tournament this Spring.
We found some really amazing Beat Saber Competitors amongst our league members and we will be working along side the Virtual Party League to expand this even further.
We'll have more information about how this new Beat Saber competition will be running but we will be working to make it even more exciting than our finals from last season.
Oculus Rift/S, Quest, PSVR & Steam

purchase required
Hyperdash 5v5 Ranged Crucible Hyperdash is fast becoming one of the best ranged multiplayer VR experiences. The mix of smooth locomotion styles lend themselves to a frenetic yet strategic game that makes even those with little FPS skill want to keep jumping in time after time.
Hyperdash is currently in Beta and would require a PC to play to sideload.
After launch, the crucible event will be over and we will begin the official Hyperdash tournament.
For more information about this Hyperdash Crucible event please check out the game companion linked below.
We are running weekly Hyperdash meetups on Sunday for practice and building out teams. Join our discord to find the time and server info!
HSVRL Hyperdash Crucible Companion 2021 - View Only Link Play on Oculus Rift/S, Quest and Steam

Free to play.. pay on launch

HSVRL Competition Docs Coming Soon! HSVRL Beat Saber Companion 2021 VResports Team Building Action Plan Valentine's Cup Echo Arena Companion 2021 HSVRL Crucible Companion 2021 - View Only Link HSVRL Participation Agreement

The High School VR League takes the best parts of esports and traditional sports then evolves into a more inclusive competition. That means there is no male and female sides of the league since everyone can play on the same field. A huge variety of play styles, personalized physical activity, collaborative communities and dynamic team work make VR esports a perfect fit for cultivating the finest aspects of high school students.

We will be expanding the type and number of events as new seasons approach. We will be looking to players, coaches, scouts and mentors to make HSVRL the league for everyone to find their community and train to be fierce competitors.

Check our Discord for more info!

Join our discord to become part of the league!

Follow us on Twitter to keep up with all of our events and announcements.

Let us know how we can help support your school, education group, or research team. HSVRL is an authentic student and teacher-driven VR community.

Contact HSVRL
NOTE!! For anyone using their school email, please make sure that our reply emails will not be blocked by your school's email filter. We will usually reply to this form within 24 hours if not sooner.