The beginning of HSVRL campus teams.

The Echo Arena Zone War is the culmination of the work the High School VR League has experimented with for the last year.

We are making some changes with this tournament but also using some very familiar aspects.

This will be a 6-week mini-season tournament that will start July 12th and run through August 22nd. Then there will be a Lightning final on August 29th.

All matches will follow the familiar VRML template for 10-minute rounds, technical timeouts, best of 3 rounds, and so on.  Each team will play 1 to 3 matches a week depending on the team’s progress.

Where things get a little different is when you sign up and are assigned to a team. As usual, our registration link can be found in our discord under the ZONE WAR category. There is a sign-up channel under the category that links out to our registration form.

Join our Discord and compete in the ZONE WAR

The Zone War registration form will not require any further information other than your Oculus and Discord usernames, the school district you are enrolled in for Fall 2021, and the state or province in which that district resides. We will need the state or province of your district as there are multiple districts across the US with the same name. We will ask for other information in the form that will help with outreach for the league but you will not be obligated to share that information if you do not feel comfortable.

The link between a person’s self-created identity on Oculus or Discord is unique and disparate to any private information held by the district or school and does not generate a HIPAA issue of privacy based on the privacy practices of US and Canadian public schools.

We will mimic the situation that you would encounter at a high school campus when forming a team in our virtual teams. When forming a team at your school or possibly for your district you have the players that are physically at your campus to work with when forming a campus team. We will simulate that random physical assignment of campus players by using your school district’s time zone to represent those geographical spaces to gather talent. As campus teams are formed they will play against other zone teams.  Virtual teams are encouraged to stay together but if an opportunity to form a campus team arises we would encourage that move possibly without having to dissolve the virtual team. This practice still allows for new teams to form that haven’t found the support they need at their own campus yet.

VRML players as well as any high school age players of any other leagues are encouraged to participate in this tournament. Everyone will be randomly separated amongst teams in their time zone.

While the league is creating teams, if a zone is short of players, those small number of players may be allowed to float to a nearby time zone to play with a team there. We will contact potential floating players through their discord id. Those teams with floating players are allowed to stay together until members form another team in their zone or at their campus.

Registration closes on July 4th at midnight
Teams will be announced on July 6th.

These new HSVRL teams are intended to remain together for the season at a minimum which will start playing the week of July 12th through August 22nd with Lightning Finals on August 29th. If you are signing up for this tournament you will need to keep Sunday, August 29th from 2-5 pm Central available for this season’s final.

We will be working with our HSVRL casting and production teams to provide casting windows that we will work to synch up with as many Zone War matches as possible. The Lightning Zone War Final will be cast without any doubt.

After the season we encourage the teams to stay together or make trades through other teams. We want to support the longevity of these teams to remain together until they form new teams at their respective campuses.

Unlike our previous Lightning tournaments, the Zone War is a building block tournament and not as experimental. That is not to say we won’t work to improve from lessons learned every season however, we do feel that based on a variety of feedback and interaction the Zone War model provides the best system for facilitating cross-play with virtual and campus-based teams.  Even looking into the future we feel that the Zone War system is on good footing for the eventual hybridization of each of these team styles as we move forward.

You can sign up for the Zone War tournament right now through our discord

Contact HSVRL
NOTE!! For anyone using their school email, please make sure that our reply emails will not be blocked by your school's email filter. We will usually reply to this form within 24 hours if not sooner.

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