Bug fixes and updates for Lightning Tournament 2 and the future.

All the updates and fixes for Lightning tournament 2

We learned quite a bit from our first Lightning tournament and we are implementing the fixes below to make the overall experience smoother and more enjoyable for everyone!

To join Lightning Tournament 2 join our discord and use the form in the #lightining-tournament-registration channel.

These are posted in no particular order.

-A dedicated production staff member for bracket maintenance but several staff backups with access to Challonge bracket to update and report on matches.  

-Production staff will be kept to production duties only during the tournament and will have to choose between playing and aiding with production.

-Winners stay in the private match and losers move to their elimination match. The same caster will remain with the winning team. 

-Easier access to team rosters with rankings for each team member, designated captain and new “Team Point Total”

-VRSN casters and/or  coordinators will be in our discord to help with the hand off to them for the finals.

-Captains will be given an #all-captains role to work with HSVRL production and VRSN.  Each captain will also be identified in all rosters for individual team communication. 

-Dedicated channels to request help find new bracket info 

#Main-Info – where to find most general info and links about the current tournament. 

Rosters and link to the Challonge bracket page. 

#Captains – where captains will post for communication between teams.

#General – all Lightning tournament talk that is not specific to a need.

#Sub-Request – have it ping all with the lightning sub role (we’ll open up sign up for the subs role that will be applied through an admin. This means that you may be pinged as a sub during the tournament.

#Issues – Where any issues or requests will be posted for immediate action.  This will ping the production staff and admin tasked with monitoring and coordinating any response to these issues. Responses to these issues will ping the captain of the team or concerned party.

#Casters – where casters will post their stream information.

Bracket organization, total team points , time out and power management for Quest users. 

Teams can now be formed with a number of different players of varying abilities on the same team.  We will maintain the ranking from VRML but for those that are not VRML players we will also maintain a ranking for each player that competes in our tournaments. We will use the same Bronze through Master ranking to maintain ease of use between the two systems.  We have recorded previous rank information from the previous Lightning tournament and will be able to use this info to gauge accuracy on future tournament registration. Below are the team point values for each individual team member based on their rank.  Just as an aside for our future in the league, unranked through silver will be our JV ranking, and gold through master will be our Varsity rank.   We will use our team point value to designate full teams as Varsity and JV as we get closer to establishing school-based teams. 

Master  13

Diamond 10

Gold 7

Silver 4

Bronze 2

Unranked 0

Two teams might put themselves together as we see below.

Master, Master, Gold, Bronze – 38 total team points (28 and higher would be Varsity)

Gold, Silver, Silver, Unranked – 15 total team points (27 and lower would be JV) 

The difference would be 23 which is our “raw leveling score”.

23 is our raw leveling score but because these Lightning tournaments are held during shorter rounds we take 70% of that raw leveling score which is 16.1. We round that score based on the 10ths decimal place. We have a leveling score which will be used as a 16 point lead for the lower point team when matches start.   The score and round times will need to be adjusted by the captains and verified by the in-game caster before the match starts. 

You’ll notice later in this doc that we have an elimination bracket that runs for 10 minutes instead of our 7 minute rounds. That elimination match is also only one game. Since this is an elimination round we will maintain the same 70% of the raw leveling score as we do with the 7 minute round matches in the undefeated bracket for ease of use.   

We will be maintaining the 3 hour window for the Lightning tournament since we are working to maintain a consistent time for viewers and for all of our players. However, we believe we can add in some breaks for charging and the needs of biological beings.  

-We will have two sets of brackets running with this modified double elimination setup.  This first bracket is the undefeated bracket.  

All teams will play their first match in the undefeated bracket. The first match will be a normal best of 3 match running at 7 minute rounds. The winning team of that first match will move onto their next undefeated bracketed match with the same best of 3 with 7 minute rounds. 

The losing team from that first match will move into the elimination bracket. The elimination bracket will consist of matches with a single round that will last 10 minutes. The winner or that match will progress to the next elimination round. The loser will be eliminated from any further matches. Note, the leveling point value difference should be applied to these elimination rounds as well. 

After a team runs two cumulative matches while in either the undefeated or elimination brackets they will have a 15 minute charging break. A team can waive their charging break if they feel comfortable progressing without it. Although we are still gathering data we are finding that there is an average loss of 30% of power during a window of playing for 25 minutes.  We will continue to gather data about this and adjust recommendations as well as breaks accordingly. 

-Quest users are encouraged to have their headset fully charged and controller batteries at full if at all possible. Quest users will want to be ready with their charging cable and the ac adapter to maintain their charge in between matches.  If you have a battery that can be used during matches we would recommend having that battery handy if not already in use at the beginning of the tournament.   

-We are differentiating between certain types of issues. There are technical issues and there are preparedness issues. Technical issues may not be easy to avoid but preparedness issues could have been prevented.  The designation of technical or preparedness labels for an issue will first fall to the team that is experiencing it but the final decision of the type of issue will be up to the admins monitoring the tournament. 

The most common technical issue we’ve found through interviews and survey information  revolves around internet or wifi issues.  If this sort of issue comes up we are prepared to offer more leeway and time to accommodate the return of the player(s).

-At this point the team can pull from the sub pool instead of waiting or they can decide to play with their current complement of connected players.

-If the team decides to wait for the player to work out the technical issue and return, the team can decide to use their 10 minute technical time out. This 10 minute technical time out can only be used by the team once per Lightning tournament. The teams are encouraged to charge any wireless headsets during this time while the disconnected player works on their return.  

-If after the technical timeout the team does not have their full compliment they should decide to use their in-game 5 minute time out or call a sub from the pool. NOTE! There won’t be enough time to call in a sub for a full team start if they do not utilize this choice at this step. 

-After all timeout options have been exhausted the team will be asked by the caster to decide to proceed with the team they have available, with the possibility of having a sub come in mid game or forfeit the match. The team will have one minute to decide. If no decision is made the caster will recommend that the match be forfeit to the opposing team.  

Preparedness issues could have been avoided through productive conversation and preparation with the team or maintaining their equipment.  For these preparedness issues a team can use their in-game timeout of 5 minutes but no longer. If this issue can be solved by a sub from the pool, this option can be exercised. 

After the in-game timeout is used up the caster will ask if the teams will start the game with the players available or forfeit the match.  The team that is having the preparedness issue will have one minute to respond to the request or the caster will recommend that the match be forfeit to the opposing team.  

During all of this we will be working in the #issues channel of the discord to resolve these issues.  Captains will be pinged in the #issues channel as well as any players directly involved to get the issue resolved.

If there is no communication from the team in the issues channel as we work to resolve a technical or preparedness issue and the team has used all timeouts allotted leaving the caster to recommend a forfeit the lack of communication will be resolved as a forfeit for the team that had to call a timeout for their issue.  The forfeited team will either be eliminated or moved to the elimination bracket as a result of the forfeit. 


If there are any other questions please ping a moderator on our discord or use the form below.

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