June 6th Echo Arena Lightning Tournament Pre-Built and PickupTeams

Fast, exciting, & ready for broadcast! JOIN NOW!

Lightning tournaments are designed to be fast, live cast, and provide good entry points for players as well as new audiences. 

Lightning tournaments run bi-weekly on Sundays from 2 to 5 pm central.

HSVRL members in our production crew will be casting the initial matches and then hand off casting to our partner the VR Sports Network for the finals.  We believe this type of audience-focused production will help bring lots of eyes to VR esports, more attention to high school VR as well as bring more notoriety to the players in these one-of-a-kind tournaments.

Lightning Tournament 2 is for pre-built and pickup teams.  However, if you are looking for a team and would like to put one together we have a category on our discord #looking-for-team under with a channel for Echo Arena.    

We have made a number of changes to improve the tournament that can be found on our bug fixes and tournament updates page

Since all player ranks are encouraged to register, we will be using a leveling system to allow newer teams to play more experienced teams.  When registering the form asks for the current rank of each player so that you can change up your team and incorporate various player levels in the team makeup.

The leveling system is similar to the one used by VRPL where a lower-ranked team would start with a point advantage based on the makeup of both teams.  This challenges the higher-ranked competitors to dynamically adapt their play style since they will need to make up a gap fairly quickly. This is also great for the lower-ranked team since they are getting a chance to play higher-skilled players in a level space. This leveling will provide all skill levels the opp

ortunity to play higher skilled teams than themselves which is key in improving your skills.

Sign up for our first Pre-built and Pickup Team Lightning tournament by joining our discord 

Inside the discord, the Lightning Tournament category will have links to all of our active Lightning tournaments. Select the #lightning-tournament-registration to click on the form to register for Lightning Tournament 2. Don’t worry that you can’t post in the Lightning tournament initially. Once you have been given the Lightning role you’ll be able to post in the Lightning tournament category. If you have any questions after joining our discord please ping a moderator.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in Zero-G!

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NOTE!! For anyone using their school email, please make sure that our reply emails will not be blocked by your school's email filter. We will usually reply to this form within 24 hours if not sooner.

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