Rec Room Maker PVP Meetup! This Wednesday!

We’ll be meeting for our Rec Room builders to go over some basic abilities and skills each Rec Room maker will need for this competition. For our first set of meetings, we’ll be working inside a custom Laser Tag arena. We’ll manipulate abilities and customize the arena even further.

The Rec Room Maker PVP competition is where we develop VResports for ourselves. Why go with Rec Room when most multiplayer VR games are built with Unity or Unreal? Simple, we can all make VR games in Rec Room from almost any flat or VR device and the networking is for the most part, DONE. This is an inclusive VR experience design space and we are given everything we need to take our first steps into a developer role.

We’ll be running these initial sessions for a month or two to see what skill level our competitors are at and we will begin our competition builds towards the end of March. Then we’ll build till May and run test competitions for the PVP rooms over the summer.

To receive the meetup time and an invite to our Rec Room Clubhouse please join our discord and scroll through the recroom-maker-pvp channel

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VResports News Parents & Educators About Docs

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