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The High School VR League takes the best parts of esports and traditional sports then evolves into a more inclusive competition. That means there is no male and female sides of the league since everyone can play on the same field. A huge variety of play styles, personalized physical activity, collaborative communities and dynamic team work make VR esports a perfect fit for cultivating the finest aspects of high school students.

We will be expanding the type and number of events as new seasons approach. We will be looking to players, coaches, scouts and mentors to make HSVRL the league for everyone to find their community and train to be fierce competitors.

First Competition is Beat Saber. Check our Discord for more info!
Tyeron Hammontree has been evangelising and teaching VR at high school campuses across Texas since 2015.

He is an active VR community member pursuing the use of VR in education, training, and PE to show how the technology is about more than just entertainment.

HSVRL is his first nationwide push to mainstream VR use in High Schools across North America.
HSVRL Founder Tyeron at Oculus Connect 2018
Sonya Haskins is a respected voice in the field of VR health and fitness with a specialty in VR esports. Following her introduction to virtual reality in April 2017, Sonya became an advocate for the technology after she saw firsthand the positive impact it could make in people's lives.

Although she now promotes VR full-time, Sonya spent the previous 20 years raising her children, helping establish the largest support group for home educators in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, and teaching English as an adjunct professor at local colleges. She has written thousands of articles and eight books.
HSVRL Founder
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Echo Arena Team 4v4 LEAGUE NIGHTS Echo Arena is one of the most athletic games in the VR esports ecosystem. Often compared to ultimate frisbee and hockey mixed together, Echo Arena requires teamwork as players communicate and use strategy to score goals in an immersive zero-gravity environment only available in virtual reality.

Widely accepted as the first true VR esport, Ready At Dawn's Echo Arena is a fast-moving team-based game that continues to challenge even seasoned players. The game is an Oculus exclusive and is best experienced on one of the Oculus VR headsets, including the stand-alone Oculus Quest that can be used without a gaming PC.
HSVRL Echo Arena Fall 2020 Companion Play on Oculus Rift/S & Quest

Free to play
Beat Saber Solo Probably one of the best known VR games out. This rhythm game has made its way into arcades, homes, stadiums and even a few people playing it on airplanes. Beat Saber makes players feel powerful and graceful as you slide past obstacles to take out multiple blocks flying at you in what seems like LUDICROUS SPEEDS! This may be a solo endeavor but it is a challenging experience that puts even the best against what seems to be an onslaught of neon. We’ll be producing regular challenge matches for everyone to test their skills. Oculus Rift/S, Quest, PSVR & Steam

purchase required
RecRoomPB TEam 4v4 LEAGUE NIGHTS Fast and fun team action that allows for a huge amount of modification. Rec Room Paintball provides a number of different paint markers to be used during the game. That covers things like pistols, paint-shotguns, shields, burst fire paint markers, paint-grenades, paint throwers, paint snipers, and a paint-grenade launcher that will allow anyone to create their own play style, oh yeah and dual wielding. Rec Room provides several static fields but the ability to create your own play space as well as modifying player abilities will be something we explore this season.

We’ll start with capture the flag since this requires the most strategic use of your team. We will be outlining final specifics of what matches will look like such as restricting certain types of locomotion or fields. Either way these games are fun to compete in and it easy to see why RR Paintball keeps players coming back day after day.
HSVRL RecRoom Paintball Companion Fall 2020 Play on Oculus Rift/S, Quest, PSVR and Steam

Free to play

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Slide League Nights

-Every Friday we will be in Echo Arena or Rec Room building and working on our skills. Come play or hang out!

-The Monday immediately before a League Night we will announce which game we're in that Friday and any modifications for the night.
League Nights League Expectations

You represent the High School VR League.
Our worlds in VR spaces are still rather small. On the other end of every avatar is a person that is just as capable of putting things together as you. Even though you may not have the league’s logo on your avatar or some special designation that says “HSVRL Competitor”, others in those experiences will want to know who you are affiliated with and we hope that will be for a good reason. More than anything we expect the competitors within our league to act as respectful parts of a community no matter when or where they are.

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